Exhaust Systems Repair by Country Road Automotive

An Exhaust System Needing Repair Affects the Performance and Safety of Your Vehicle

exhaust-repairYour car’s exhaust system is designed to carry away the different gases created when fuel and air are burned during the combustion process.  Road and weather conditions, as well as driving habits, can affect the life of your exhaust system.  When the muffler and exhaust pipe becomes corroded noxious fumes can leak into your car’s interior causing a safety hazard.  You may also begin to notice a decrease in gas mileage as a result of problems with the oxygen sensor.  When exhaust system problems occur, it’s important to have it repaired by experts like Country Road Automotive in Lincoln Park, NJ.

The exhaust system of every automobile requires frequent care and repair.  When the exhaust system is maintained properly, your vehicle will have minimal engine noise and improved gas mileage, and the toxic fumes will be funneled away from the vehicle’s interior.  During any routine maintenance, the technicians at Country Road Automotive will inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system to notify you if there are any current or future repair issues.  To schedule an exhaust systems repair for your vehicle, contact Country Road Automotive in Lincoln Park, NJ today.

Emissions Standards May Also Become a Concern that can be Corrected by the Experts at Country Road Automotive

Your vehicle’s exhaust system starts at the front of your car, right behind the engine.  Exhaust pipes connect to the cylinder heads, where they collect exhaust gases.  As the gases move through the system, they are first analyzed by oxygen sensors, which determine the fuel/air mixture for optimal engine performance.  The gases then proceed to the catalytic converter where the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are refined to water and carbon dioxide.  Finally, the gases are “muffled” by the muffler and leave your car through the tail pipe.

If the exhaust system is not working properly you may end up having problems with failed emissions tests.  The latest method of testing takes into consideration three pollutants:  hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and carbon monoxide.  The inspector puts an emissions probe in place, enters information into a computer on the car (make, model and year), and then accelerates the motor to 15 mph to complete the test.  If your automobile fails the test, it might be a simple adjustment or it may require installation of a new part to correct the problem.  Either way, you must get it repaired.

If your car has failed an emission test, contact Lincoln Park, NJ’s Country Road Automotive today to schedule an inspection and an exhaust systems repair.

For more information on the New Jersey State requirements for emissions testing go to www.state.nj.us.mvc/cleanair.