Trust Your Brake Repair to the Experts at Country Road Auto in Lincoln Park, NJ

Signs you might need a brake job.The brakes are an essential safety component in your vehicle. They’re designed to slowly wear out over time as you use them to safely stop your vehicle.  Brake fluid is another very important part of your braking system.  When your brake pads wear down, you will need a brake service.  You don’t want to wait until they’re bad or completely worn to replace them; otherwise you’re putting yourself at risk for brake failure.  Wait too long and the cost for brake repair can become expensive. Periodic brake service is necessary to keep your car running safely, especially in the high traffic conditions here in northern New Jersey.

When your car is maintained regularly at Country Road Automotive, we always check your brakes during our courtesy inspection. You don’t have to wait until you bring your vehicle in for another service to have your brakes checked. If you ever have a concern about the reliability or safety of your vehicle’s braking system, including the anti-lock brakes, we’ll perform a free brake inspection for you.  We don’t want you to get out on the road and find you have a problem stopping.  Also, it’s always better to deal with something ahead of time than to have a serious brake repair problem while you are on the road.  Without periodic maintenance, a brake job can become quite costly and that’s something we’re certain you want to avoid.

Symptoms You Might Need a Brake Job

Your Car’s Brake Light is On:  This could mean something very serious and should not be ignored.  First, check to make sure your emergency brake is not engaged.  If it isn’t, you could have a drop in hydraulic pressure and your brakes may be near total failure.  Most likely, brake service is required and you should have them checked immediately.

Squealing:  If your car or truck is making a squealing noise while driving that goes away when you apply the brakes, you may need a brake job.

Scraping Noise:  This may be caused because the brake lining is very thin or there is metal-to-metal contact.  You should schedule a brake job right away.

Spongy or Soft Pedal:  This may be caused by air in the hydraulic system, low fluid or a soft ballooning hose.

Pedal Sinks to Floor:  Possible causes are a worn master cylinder or a leak in the hydraulic system.  Repair should be made right away as the vehicle is not safe to operate.

Drag:  Brake drag occurs when the lining is in constant contact with the rotor or drum.  It is characterized by “sticking” brakes and can be the result of hot wheels or an engine that has lost power.  However, it can also be an indication of something more serious requiring brake repair.

Grab:  Do your brakes feel “touchy” or “grab” with the slightest amount of pressure?  This symptom may be an indication of a very simple problem, but it may also mean there are loose or broken components that can fail in the event of an emergency.

Hard Pedal:  If you must apply extreme pressure for your brakes to function, you are experiencing what is referred to as “hard pedal.”  This condition can indicate trouble with your power brakes, restricted hydraulic lines, frozen calipers or cylinders, or damaged brake linings.

Think you might need a brake repair?  Call us and schedule a brake inspection.

Brake Repair Done Right

At Country Road Automotive, we let you know the condition of your brakes and whether there are any potential problems that might require brake service.  The technicians at Country Road Auto have the expertise to complete any type of brake job.  We also use only premium quality parts.  Most brake system service can be performed in a couple of hours, so contact us in NJ today to learn about our brake services and schedule a brake job.

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